Wednesday, February 7, 2018

You’ve got to Ask For It…

When you need help, you’ve got to ask your Guides and Angels for help. You’ve got to ask! When you’re drowning and about to go down for the third time, you’ve got to ask. They can’t help unless you ask. And when the send a rickety old row boat to rescue you and you’ll have to row to shore, don’t pass it up expecting a yacht to save you. It’s the wisdom of economy. As much as they (your Guides and Angels) would like to see you get out of the mess you got yourself into, you got to ask!

Free Will, Suicide and Groundhog Day…

Before you came to this life, you had a plan. You asked a Guide who has incarnated thousands of times to help you. It’s your Master Guide’s job to give you backup in the form of other guides and to inform your Guardian Angel and his legion of help when needed. You have free will to deviate from your plan. It usually involves ego and leaves your guides shaking their heads. It’s ok though because they will add the lesson for you in the future. You learn your lessons in Earth School and it gets crossed off the list. What lessons? Compassion, unconditional love, grief, pain, suffering, love…all the Jesus stuff.

You’ve got to learn the lessons on the earth plane because you can’t learn pain, suffering and grief in paradise on the other side in what I call heaven. Believe me, it is free will and ego that keeps getting in our way of evolving our soul so we don’t have to keep incarnating.

Because we have free will, suicide is always on the table and a viable method to eject from your jet without a parachute. Pain, suffering, grief all at one time are hard for all but the most evolved and old souls to handle. I think that some old souls do commit suicide to help others in their soul group evolve. At some point in your reincarnations you will experience everything there is to experience.

Reincarnation was the hardest thing in my life to wrap my head around. This from a guy who was talking to dead people. It doesn’t matter if you believe or not, you will be back my friend. Early Christians, Jews, Hindu’s and Buddhist’s believed. I don’t know a legit medium that doesn’t believe.

Reincarnation 101: Your Soul is in heaven right now. You hook back up with it every night, talk to your soul group, Guides and Angels. You bring down about 25% of your soul to Earth school to learn the lessons to evolve your soul to a higher plane, like the one Jesus and Saints are on.

Groundhog day: You’re not going to learn all the lessons you want to learn in one lifetime. If you learn one really good lesson you are lucky. There are always the show offs that endure everything in this life, we call them Saints. It’s ok that it takes a while because if you live to be 100 years old, on the other side it will have been like two weeks passed by. You come up with another life script and get most of your soul group together and jump back in the deep in.

So one of the opportunities of Free Will is the ability to go off road, off script and do your own damn thing. It’s troubling when I have people ask me if they take their own lives will they go to heaven and get to see their loved ones. The honest answer is yeas and no. There is a catch. Just like the movie Catch 22, if you know the difference in pain and happiness and know the difference in right and wrong, you shouldn’t be asking. When you kill yourself, you get to start over immediately. Do not pass go, do not collect $200, you get a different life with the same script, of pain, struggle, suffering again. You don’t hang out with your soul group, you have to come back to Earth School and go through the same lessons again that got you to this terrible place in your life. My advice is to ride it out at all possible costs and graduate with your soul group so you can evolve your soul. Easier said than done.

No matter how screwed up your life is right now, remember you and some other wise souls picked this life for some reason. The next life, you get to pick another role! That’s the good part about reincarnation. You do get to do it all. Don’t get stuck in the Groundhog movie, repeating everything until you get it right. This is a tough life. We picked it. I often regret it. Tune out the garbage in your life and try to stay on your path. You will know your path, because it will be difficult. Your ego will want to take the short cuts, but do the right thing! Sorry this took so long to explain. I’m sure I’ll do a better job in my next life. :)

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Wen the Game is No Fun Anymore...

When the Game is No Fun Anymore…

It’s time to change the game.

If you are not happy.

It’s time to try something different.

Dreaming of the Dead…

A lot of my clients dream about their loved ones on the other side. I call these dreams, visitation dreams. They usually occur right before you wake up in the morning, as Spirit wants you to remember the encounter.

When you find yourself talking to your loved ones in a dream, the dream may not make sense to you. Your loved ones may tell you how to fix a little problem or tell you that you left your car keys on the table instead of the key hook by the door. You may ask them, how am I talking to you if you’re dead? And they reply, how can I be dead if I’m talking to you?

You wake up from the dream with a smile on your face and then it fades, because you remember how much you miss them. But they are around you all the time. They are listening to your music in the car, or reading your phone at work. They are the ones that put the reminders and great ideas in your head that you take credit for.

I prefer to have spirit come into my dreams than to pop up unannounced during the day. They don’t want to frighten you, just spend a little time together. Sweet dreams…

Sometimes Spirits Are Shy, So...

Spirits are shy sometimes so you’ve got to go 60 Minutes on them. I have a mental list of about 20 questions I ask so I can get stronger connections with them and more validations to start a reading.

So I’ll ask, in my head; what kind of cigarettes did you smoke, what was your favorite alcoholic drink? And they may say, I didn’t smoke or drink!

What kind of jewelry or perfume did you wear? None, they say.

What kind of vehicle did you drive or pet did you have? I didn’t drive and we didn’t have any pets.

“You’re killing me!” I accidently say in front of the client.

Then I ask, what kind of soap did you use to wash your hands or bathe?

And they’ll say, Dial, White Dove, Irish Spring, Ivory, etc.

Bingo! It’s a start!

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Your Fears Are Real...Why?

What are your fears? Is it loud noises, snakes, the dark, swimming in the lake, or to die in a plane crash? You may consider these fears of yours or your friend’s silly or not a real possibility. But just suppose you’ve already died from this fear and your soul remembers? The truth is that you have died hundreds, maybe thousands of times in past lives. Why do you have to own so many things? Is it the fear of being poor again?

My youngest 3-yr-old granddaughter has had a fear of dogs, very loud noises and people coming through the door unannounced. Why? There is no logical explanation for these fears. Once we heard a loud bang and she was very shaken. It wasn’t the first time I had seen this reaction. Except, I’d seen it from friends who had fought in Viet Nam and they would take a defensive position when they heard the loud noise. Shell shock or self-preservation? How many wars did you die in before this life?

I was a competitive swimmer for twelve years, but you can’t get me to swim in a lake or ocean. I can’t handle anything around my neck. Neck ties bring about fear in me. I didn’t ride a tall horse for the twenty years and worked in the horse racing industry and I’m a big guy. It wasn’t until I had a past life regression that I figured out the tall horse fear. How many times had I drowned in the lake or ocean? How many ties had I been hung by the neck? Have you been killed by dogs or someone popping through the front door?

All these fears are real. The hardest thing in my life that I have overcome with my awakening was that I have lived before and that there is reincarnation. The great American medium, Edgar Cayce, convinced me. The early Jews and Christians believed in it. All of the Buddhist and Hindus believe in reincarnation. There are many references in the New Testament, Google it. The spirits of your loved ones tell me they will reincarnate and work with family again. I don’t know a legitimate medium that doesn’t know there is reincarnation. I wish there wasn’t, but that just shows how far I have to go.

There is a reason everything happens to you, because you planed this life as well as your death. Your fears are real. Some of your fears you didn’t know why? Give yourself a break and try to figure it out. Maybe your fears are founded in something in your past that you don’t remember. Chalk it up to a past life and keep moving forward and don’t let it hold you back in what you are supposed to accomplish in this life!

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

An Awakening is the Scariest Thing You Will Ever Do…

How do you explain an awakening? It can be your worst nightmare, it is always enlightening, it can give you peace of mind, it may solve every problem you have and give you a purpose.

The first thing to know about any type of change in consciousness is that your ego will always be your worst enemy. Your ego will fight you all along your path until the day you die. The rapper Tupac Shakur said, “Trust Nobody.” But I would add, but listen to everybody. The truth is in the public domain. It takes a lifetime to search it out. No one person has all of the answers.

The thing is no matter how awakened or enlightened you think you are, your ego will keep you from knowing how far you have come. So when you are truly enlightened, it doesn’t matter. I thought I was schizophrenic for ten years before I learned to open my eyes. Turns out I’m a psychic medium. All I could think about was the wasted ten years I didn’t know I was a medium.

Skepticism is good. I didn’t think dead people could talk to you, because I didn’t believe in God or a heaven. Ego will chew you up and spit you out. I thought I was the smartest son of a bitch in the world (We all do when we are young).

Knowing what I do now, I don’t think I’ve had an original idea in my life. Your guides, angels and loved ones give it to you all! The great ideas, the knowing what to say at the right time, the being in the right place, all the money, winnings, medals is all due to them, while ego takes the credit.

They have us do the things to learn life lessons. The goal being to evolve our soul to learn compassion, forgivness, unconditional love, what I call all the Jesus stuff. That’s how you know if you’re on the right path!

If you’re learning those lessons, then you are on it. Ego will make you stray, as we all have free will. Listen to your angels and guides and you will experience everything you are meant to in this life, the good, the bad and the ugly and you will experience new levels on the human condition that is passed on to the soul level. Always be paying it forward and you will be heading in the right direction.

Are you awakened yet? Does it matter? Not really. In this life time or the next you will be given as much as you can handle. For right now all we can do is Live, learn and love, so later you can evolve, teach and serve. Stay on your path!