Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Your Fears Are Real...Why?

What are your fears? Is it loud noises, snakes, the dark, swimming in the lake, or to die in a plane crash? You may consider these fears of yours or your friend’s silly or not a real possibility. But just suppose you’ve already died from this fear and your soul remembers? The truth is that you have died hundreds, maybe thousands of times in past lives. Why do you have to own so many things? Is it the fear of being poor again?

My youngest 3-yr-old granddaughter has had a fear of dogs, very loud noises and people coming through the door unannounced. Why? There is no logical explanation for these fears. Once we heard a loud bang and she was very shaken. It wasn’t the first time I had seen this reaction. Except, I’d seen it from friends who had fought in Viet Nam and they would take a defensive position when they heard the loud noise. Shell shock or self-preservation? How many wars did you die in before this life?

I was a competitive swimmer for twelve years, but you can’t get me to swim in a lake or ocean. I can’t handle anything around my neck. Neck ties bring about fear in me. I didn’t ride a tall horse for the twenty years and worked in the horse racing industry and I’m a big guy. It wasn’t until I had a past life regression that I figured out the tall horse fear. How many times had I drowned in the lake or ocean? How many ties had I been hung by the neck? Have you been killed by dogs or someone popping through the front door?

All these fears are real. The hardest thing in my life that I have overcome with my awakening was that I have lived before and that there is reincarnation. The great American medium, Edgar Cayce, convinced me. The early Jews and Christians believed in it. All of the Buddhist and Hindus believe in reincarnation. There are many references in the New Testament, Google it. The spirits of your loved ones tell me they will reincarnate and work with family again. I don’t know a legitimate medium that doesn’t know there is reincarnation. I wish there wasn’t, but that just shows how far I have to go.

There is a reason everything happens to you, because you planed this life as well as your death. Your fears are real. Some of your fears you didn’t know why? Give yourself a break and try to figure it out. Maybe your fears are founded in something in your past that you don’t remember. Chalk it up to a past life and keep moving forward and don’t let it hold you back in what you are supposed to accomplish in this life!

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

An Awakening is the Scariest Thing You Will Ever Do…

How do you explain an awakening? It can be your worst nightmare, it is always enlightening, it can give you peace of mind, it may solve every problem you have and give you a purpose.

The first thing to know about any type of change in consciousness is that your ego will always be your worst enemy. Your ego will fight you all along your path until the day you die. The rapper Tupac Shakur said, “Trust Nobody.” But I would add, but listen to everybody. The truth is in the public domain. It takes a lifetime to search it out. No one person has all of the answers.

The thing is no matter how awakened or enlightened you think you are, your ego will keep you from knowing how far you have come. So when you are truly enlightened, it doesn’t matter. I thought I was schizophrenic for ten years before I learned to open my eyes. Turns out I’m a psychic medium. All I could think about was the wasted ten years I didn’t know I was a medium.

Skepticism is good. I didn’t think dead people could talk to you, because I didn’t believe in God or a heaven. Ego will chew you up and spit you out. I thought I was the smartest son of a bitch in the world (We all do when we are young).

Knowing what I do now, I don’t think I’ve had an original idea in my life. Your guides, angels and loved ones give it to you all! The great ideas, the knowing what to say at the right time, the being in the right place, all the money, winnings, medals is all due to them, while ego takes the credit.

They have us do the things to learn life lessons. The goal being to evolve our soul to learn compassion, forgivness, unconditional love, what I call all the Jesus stuff. That’s how you know if you’re on the right path!

If you’re learning those lessons, then you are on it. Ego will make you stray, as we all have free will. Listen to your angels and guides and you will experience everything you are meant to in this life, the good, the bad and the ugly and you will experience new levels on the human condition that is passed on to the soul level. Always be paying it forward and you will be heading in the right direction.

Are you awakened yet? Does it matter? Not really. In this life time or the next you will be given as much as you can handle. For right now all we can do is Live, learn and love, so later you can evolve, teach and serve. Stay on your path!

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

You Choose...

You get to choose your own path.

You get to choose which roller coaster to ride and the drama that goes with it.

So choose wisely!

Friday, May 5, 2017

You have more than one Soulmate…

As a matter of fact, in this lifetime you have about 20 to 30 soulmates in a soul group that you reincarnate each life. I hated to even think about the possibility of reincarnation!!! I wasn’t raised that way, I wanted to go to hell or heaven and get it over with. Damn it! What do you mean there’s no hell? Where did half of my friends go? I was curious about the more than one soulmate thing though.

You have a group of spiritual friends that you hang out with to learn life lessons. If you were to live to be 99 years old, when you get to the other side (heaven) you will have felt as you were only out of heaven for about two weeks. Your soul is already is in heaven and you never have left, but that’s another story.

You’re hanging out with your soul group passing around possible movie scripts that you can perform down on earth to evolve your soul and try to learn such things as patience and unconditional love. You know the kind of things that Jesus, Buddha, Muhammad, all of the saints and greatest teachers in the world tried to teach.

You decide who will marry to whom, who will be the kids, who you will fall in love with and they will break your heart and leave you an emotional cripple, who treats you like shit, who will love you and forgive you for eternity. They are all in your soul group. All three husbands or wives that you had, the great teachers in school and the lousy teachers that you promised never to repeat their mistakes all guided you in this life of exploring so you can learn unconditional love and forgiveness. 

Here’s the kicker, the more you learn and the more you grow as in spirit, you are less involved in being the star in this life and more into helping other people in your group and others to be a star! You will get more out of coaching than winning the Super Bowl. You will find satisfaction in helping others grow! Congratulations, you are one step closer to not having to reincarnate again! You get to pass go and collect $200 and stay in heaven and help from the sidelines.

You can’t take the gold medals, trophies, money and titles with you to heaven. It’s all about how you handle the relationships in your life right now, the good the bad and the ugly! Step back and enjoy your loves, friendships and beauty all around you. Share your lessons with others.

It was their Eyes and Smile…

Many times without asking, a spirit will tell me that they fell in love with their loved one who are still living, the first time they gazed into their eyes and saw them smile. Then they may go on and on about their loved ones eyes or smile, before I break up the love fest and ask for more things in their life that we can validate.

But think how important it was to meet one of your soul mates and have a relationship with them. I don’t think the whole Eyes and Smile thing is BS. Your eyes are like fingerprints and no one has the same print. Add that up to a particular smile and bingo! Are smiles just as different as fingerprints and eyes?

I do know before you came down here you were allowed to see video clips of your life and how it would unfold. I believe in free will, but that we chose most of our life lessons and who we would be learning with in our soul group, the good, the bad and the ugly. I think your subconscious remembers those clips so you know who you are supposed to be with at a certain time in your life. You might want to glance into the strangers eyes one more time and note their smile.

PS, you have more than one soul mate! To be continued…

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Couldn’t Make That Up…

Recently I had an older gentleman as a client who wanted to connect with his father. One of the first things his father showed me were two old rotary phones in the house one red and one black. I didn’t have a clue why he would show me this and why they were different colors.

The gentleman told me his father lived in a little town and was in charge of the volunteer fire department and emergency services. He was extremely proud of the work he did, and no one used the red phone as it was for official business and emergency calls coming in. Everyone else in the family used the black phone. Wow, that was cool!

Sunday, April 16, 2017

$600 Reading???

Earlier is my career spirit gave a great reading to one of my clients, of course back then I’d take my share of credit for it. A few months later the client wrote to tell me that they had a reading with one of the Mediums who frequented TV shows. They said that the readings were almost identical, although mine brought through more family names and birth dates. I looked up to see what they paid for virtually the same reading, $600.

Back then I was a little pissed off and what I’d liked to have said is, Oh I didn’t realize I gave you a $600 reading, seems like you owe me $500. Common sense prevailed and all I could get out was, Congratulations, family is always with you. Maybe my guides were letting me know, my readings were as good as the best. You’ll never see me pay $600 freaking dollars for a reading.

There is a medium for everybody. And you can believe me that your loved ones always pick the medium for you. I wouldn’t charge what I wouldn’t pay to get a good reading. There are lots of good mediums that charge an arm and a leg, maybe that’s what somebody needs to pay to believe that we can’t die. But, there of tons of great mediums that don’t charge much at all. Your loved ones will pick who you will see and how much you can afford at any given time.

You don’t have to go to a medium to know that your loved ones are alive and well on the other side. But, sometimes it feels pretty good if you’re a doubting Thomas like me! Speaking of which, I have a small group reading in Waxahachie on the Thursday before Mother’s day. Everyone gets a reading, its limited to eight people and costs $35. Nuff said. Happy Easter!